I help busy women with memory, concentration and focus improve their brain health without drugs so that she can show up in her life with strength & joy. (And get stuff done!)
My Story

Like many people I thought that fatigue, being sick, difficulty concentrating, was normal and I should accept it.

I am grateful for the woman that kept knocking at my door asking me to join her team.  I kept pushing her off.   She persisted.  Finally worn down (I was actually impressed that she never gave up), I agreed to listen.  What she didn't know, was that I was looking for something new.  I didn't want to "grow old gracefully".  I wanted to feel fantastic.  I wanted to stop being sick and exhausted.  And I wanted and income stream that would provide for my family regardless of the economic climate or location.

Within six weeks of following her recommendations, I was completely free of medications that I had been on since childhood.  Your results may vary of course, but this is what happened to me. 

I never believed that I could be medication free.  Now I was.  That ignited a passion in me to help others get freedom by improving their health.  Even life long brain fog, forgetfulness and difficulty focusing improved. 

The company I partnered with turned out to have a level of integrity and excellence that in my opinion, is unmatched.  Anywhere.   I pursued the home business opportunity, worked hard, shared my story and within 18 months, doubled my income over my previous company. 

26 years later.....I have never looked back!  

We were created to be healthy! God put many solutions to our current health issues in nature.  Because of my experience, I'm obsessed to help other women (and by extension their families), improve her brain health and experience the strength of wellbeing.  By focusing on supporting her brain function, she will discover improved immunity, better hormonal health, stronger bones, healthier heart, and increased joy. 

Shoot me a message or give me a call, and let's get your mojo back! 

Sometimes our brain has a mind of its own. 

Smart, competent women seldom tell others that they can't remember, or that they dropped the ball because of a memory lapse. Instead, we cover it up, or create systems to prevent mistakes, forgotten events or tasks, or even a long time client's name. 

 Unspoken guilt becomes something we experience because of the gap between what we KNOW we can do, and what we actually get done. Our mile long to-do list feels more like a failed-to-get-to-it list.  

Whether brain fog and concentration is a life long issue from ADHD or brought on by PMS,  perimenopause, or a stressful lifestyle, it  robs the joy out of our life and leaves us feeling more like posers than the successful women we really are. 

Taking care of ourselves is important.  When we are at our best, our family is cared for, our work is productive and we are there for the people we love. 

You may have multiple health concerns, like I did.  I found that focusing on my focus improved my immunity, my energy levels, and even helped me look 10 years younger than my age!  

That's the beauty of a holistic approach to brain health - your whole body feels better!   

What Can I Expect? 
Most women want quick progress so that they know they are moving forward.  
Depending on your needs, we start simply, then work toward a foundation that will build a healthspan for every stage of your life. 
Many choose to participate in our targeted wellness communities in order to increase their results. 

Are you ready to get your mojo back?