Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury - Beating the Odds

A car accident changed Stacey Lehn's life forever. She suffered for two years misdiagnosed. She fought back every day. 4 years and 7 brain surgeries later she is a survivor and a victor of traumatic brain injury. Stacey beat the odds - exceeded expectations. And as you know when someone in your family is given a diagnosis whether it's from an accident or what have you, of traumatic brain injury that absolutely changes the course of an entire family's history. It is a very profound, life altering thing. It can be all encompassing, not only for the care providers, but obviously for the person who is the victim of a traumatic brain injury. But we are here to bring you some HOPE. And grateful to God that we have this kind of hope that we can share with you

Before her accident, Stacey was very physically active, (she could deadlift 275 pounds!), and had a career she loved.

For two years after her accident, " I was just told that I had a concussion and post concussion syndrome. Well it ended up being that my brain, the back my brain, had slipped down into my spinal column and my cell bone (sp) tonsils were actually wrapped around my spinal cord and strangling it. So for over two years I walked around wearing sunglasses every day like I had a hangover. And I wasn't drinking. So it was pretty bad, it was pretty bad. And it had every drug thrown at me and of course none of it worked because I needed some surgical intervention.

The last straw for me was when I woke up one morning and I went to walk to the bathroom, and I couldn't walk straight. I could only walk sideways. And my husband's in the bed looking at me and saying, "What are you doing?". Like he thought I was goofing around. I'm like I don't know. I sat back down. I got up to do it, to walked straight, and I did it again. And I just started like bawling because I just I had no control. And that was really scary. "

Watch Stacey's incredible story below. You will be inspired and challenged by her courage and perseverance. Share this with a friend, share it on social media. Let people know that taking charge of your health reaps serious rewards even in the most severe situations.

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Karen Hurd is Holistic Health Entrepreneur and marketing trainer. She is and her husband live in their house in the woods in southeast Virginia enjoying the wildlife with their family and their Border Collie, Charlie.


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